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OneClick Launches Remote Marketing Research Initiative

With our sizable team of marketing research professionals growing quickly across the United States by the thousands, One-Click Marketing Research has had to stay on its toes with Covid-19 restrictions placed on its employees and volunteers alike. Most volunteers and employees who typically have access to valuable employment resources they need to fulfill critical marketing research tasks for the company are finding it more difficult to complete their daily goals. With this in mind, One Click has made the decision to field a plan on a trial basis with the help of a prominent internet service provider to provide to its employees cellular-capable Apple tablets to help to fulfill the mission of data collection in one of its many customer-driven research sectors.

We expect to begin fielding tablets as soon as the third week of January 2021 and hope that this initiative helps to evolve the companies data collection efforts to become continuous and latency-free. Covid-19 has effectively changed the way so many businesses interact with their employees and customers and with that change it's important that we as a company stay on the cutting edge to enable an environment that keeps us all safe and productive at the same time.

If you are interested more in how you can join the One-Click Marketing Team, please reach out to