Referral Marketing Made Simple

Did you know that only 29% of customers will typically refer your business after a positive experience even though 83% are willing to?

Here at One Click Affiliate Marketing LLC we can help you tap into the 54% that didn’t tell their friends and family. By developing your incentive driven referral program, you can turn the people who love and know your product into an extension of your sales team.

For your loyal customers, help align their message with your brand and branch out from word-of-mouth to reach more people through their own social media platforms. They already love sharing their experience of your product/service, but wait until they receive their reward for reaching a target number of referrals - they will sing your praise from the rooftops! Members of your program can easily track their progress on the number of referrals needed before they unlock the reward and you will be notified through your own dashboard each time a reward has been earned.

For the new customer/referral, what better way to first experience your product/service than to go in with confidence of other user’s experience and with an incentive of your choosing from discounts to freebies and more.

But let’s not forget that referral programs aren’t just great for customers; partners, employees and communities are great advocates for your business too. Our software will allow you to run multiple incentive programs at once and will easily integrate with your existing systems to allow an uninterrupted flow of your current business operations.

We would love to hear from you about your unique business and work with you to create a tailor made referral program today.